Company Overview

Welbeck Electricity Distribution Limited provides reliable and efficient power supply solutions (LV/MV/HV) to Clients on a turnkey and off-grid captive basis. As a fully integrated IPP company, we take care of all aspects of power plant EPCI (including civil works, gas infrastructure, Regulatory Permitting and all electrical works) and O & M. This avails our Clients with reliable off-grid power at kWh rates from us, and a pristine opportunity to focus on their core services without all the hassles of IPP EPCI and O & M.
Welbeck IPPs are gas powered (either via existing municipal gas pipelines or trucked CNG/LNG in areas where gas pipelines are not available) and our typical clients include telecoms companies, banks, commercial firms, industries, manufacturing companies and residential estates.
Our first IPP is 2.5MW and is located in the heart of Oshodi Industrial Scheme in Lagos. It is powered by GE Jenbacher gas generators, fuelled with natural gas and supplies power to two (2) large scale manufacturing companies on a 24-hour basis. The Power plant was installed, commissioned and handed over to the Client.
Our second IPP is 5.5MW and is located in Ojota, Lagos State. It supplies power to MTN Nigeria’s Switch and Data Centre on a 24hr basis. This Switch / Data Centre houses the largest interconnectivity exchange in West Africa.
Our Third IPP is 2.5MW and is under construction. It is located along Apapa-Oworonshoki Road. When commissioned, this IPP will supply power on a 24hr basis.
Our current staff population consists of both technical and non-technical staff and includes a Mobile Engineering Unit that is available to address our customers’ technical issues whenever such arises.

We utilise high quality materials and highly experienced personnel for all our projects and operations.

Why Choose Welbeck?

as compared to generator and Nepa costs

  • Reduced Noise Pollution
  • Reduced Emissions
  • UN Rebates
  • Traffic Safety for your Environment

Natural gas is safer than diesel and petrol because it dissipates in the environment in the event of a spill or a leak, unlike liquid fuels (e.g. diesel and petrol) which can collect and cause a fire or seep underground and contaminate water sources and the environment. The ability of natural gas to dissipate, makes it safer than liquid fuel.

Our O&M and projects personnel are well trained and experienced, with in-depth knowledge to meet the challenges of everyday IPP operation.

Welbeck supports her clients with their registration with Green Energy Initiative – for the purpose of obtaining rebates from the relevant United Nations body where possible

Gas generators run quieter than diesel generators and hence reduces noise pollution. Natural gas generators have demonstrated over 90% reduction in particulate matter and more than 50% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) relative to commercial diesel generators. Natural gas engines also produce as much as 25% less greenhouse gases (CO2) that contribute to Global warming.

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